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The Entrepreneurial MD Podcast

May 9, 2008

Dr. Albert Fuchs is an ethical purist. That much is clear from our podcast interview today in which the Beverly Hills internist shares his views on his transition from an overworked less-than-satisfied traditional medical practitioner to a streamlined, calm, happy doctor with no immediate plans to quit his concierge practice.

At a patient's urging, he explored the concierge or retainer practice model, discovering its many variations. And realizing that, by cutting back dramatically on his patient load, he could once again become the real physician he had dreamt of being in his medical school days.

Seeking the mentorship of a family member with business experience, he began the transition several years ago by severing ties with the healthcare insurance industry, first with the PPOs and a year later with Medicare.

Paradoxically, he argues that, instead of contributing to the creation of primary care shortages with this model of care, he sees that students considering medicine as a future career are more likely to consider primary care when exposed to the role models of contented physicians providing the care they most enjoy giving to their patients! As opposed to the image many are witnessing today of harrassed, irritable doctors rushing from patient to patient, handling 5 phone calls between rooms, in order to make their "quota".

His advice:

  • decide on whose behalf you are truly willing to work and who your customers really are - insurers or patients?
  • take the high road and offer only those services and that care that is evidence-based. Keep it ethical - only offer what you would have done unto you!

Listen here to Dr Fuchs's refreshing account of how he chose to re-align with his deepest professional values, in his quest for his vision of an ideal practice.

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