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The Entrepreneurial MD Podcast

Jan 27, 2009

Facebook is in our faces, we are twittering about Twitter and we're linking in through LinkedIn, so I was delighted to speak with David Toub MD MBA, Medical Director of Gynesonics, to hear his thoughts about the role of social media networking in healthcare.

In this interview (a little over 30 minutes), we discuss his personal journey from happy laparoscopic surgeon and gynecologist to physician business executive, with a detour through business school. He also shares his experience with the increasing power of online social networking -- which helped him land his latest satisfying position. And he gets really fired up when talking about the role of social media and online collaboration in medical education.

While not strictly a physician entrepreneur having started his own business, David functions very much in entrepreneurial mode, finding ways to express his business savvy and creative thinking in his non-clinical roles. I encourage you to listen to the podcast and find inspiration for your own journey beyond clinical practice!

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