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The Entrepreneurial MD Podcast

Jul 9, 2013

A rare breast lymphoma showing up at age 13 has to be one of life's bigger lemons. Newly minted physician entrepreneur and business owner Sharon McLaughlin MD had to cope with cancer treatment including radiation to her breast and chest wall as she was entering adolescence, followed years later in her early 30s by an elective double mastectomy.

Frustrated over the years by the lack of comfortable yet feminine and even sexy clothing and underwear, this plastic surgeon, who has had experience firsthand and through her patients, decided to step back from her clinical practice and devote time to developing a line of clothing to please cancer and mastectomy women patients ... and their significant others.

In a candid interview (listen here), Sharon shares her very personal story and why she has chosen now to change her career direction and go into business as a cosmetic surgeon and clothing retailer as the proud owner of Courage Couture!

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