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The Entrepreneurial MD Podcast

Nov 22, 2011

"Accidental entrepreneurial physician" Melanie Bone MD was way too busy to have to contend with the illness that struck her as a young mother and practicing gynecologic surgeon. 

Barely 40, with a husband and four kids under the age of 6, Dr Bone was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer. As challenging as her journey was through the surgeries of bilateral mastectomies, chemotherapy and radiation, she never failed to exercise her powers of observation. 

Once she realized she wasn't going to die as she expected, she began exploring ways to put her new-found discoveries about the experience of being a "cancer patient" to good use. Her non-profit foundation, (updated website coming) was her launching pad, followed some years later by her for-profit on-line store,, geared to the support of patients with cancer, and their families and friends who loved them.

Listen to Dr Bone's powerful story as an entrepreneurial physician, still-practicing gynecologist, mother of now four teenagers, and cancer survivor with a distinctive take on what it means to have faced hell and lived with gusto to tell the tale.

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