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The Entrepreneurial MD Podcast

Sep 23, 2014

Dr. Barry Katz is a radiologist with ankles on the mind. And an entrepreneurial physician to boot (read on ... the pun will become obvious!) Having suffered ankle sprains when playing basketball as a younger man and noting the same problem in his son, he was bugged by the idea that there was no good way to prevent them ... at least, until now.

Teaming up with his orthopedic and podiatrist colleagues, and scouring the medical literature, internet and other places for insights as to the cause of these ankle injuries, he invented a shoe to prevent the sprains from occurring. Ektio Shoes was born.

And, to assure a good working knowledge about the business of creating and selling a specialty product ... after all, he nothing about shoes! ... he endured the grueling experience of retruning to school for his MBA. Which, in his estimation, has paid huge dividends.

Listen to Dr Katz tell his inspiring story, and then share your thoughts at The Entrepreneurial MD