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The Entrepreneurial MD Podcast

Dec 19, 2011

Ask any doctor who has been taking care of patients for 25 years or more what it's like to be working in the trenches, and you're likely to encounter someone with a deep experience of the US healthcare system.

Dr. Angel Garcia is one such a physician - an internist who is not only still in practice but who is also the entrepreneurial physician creator of an electronic medical record, and an author.

His book, Do No Harm: Saving Our Healthcare System, was written with the idea in mind of improving the doctor-patient relationship. He embraces the idea of an educated "patient consumer" and offers some basic ways in which patients can care for themselves at home with minor symptoms before rushing into the doctor's office, urgent care, or worse still, emergency department. 

He is also careful to paint a portrait of life as a doctor working under the constraints of the contemporary US healthcare system, in the hopes that patient expectations can be better managed.

Listen to my 20-minute interview with Angel Garcia MD in which we explore his entrepreneurial side. And then come back to The Entrepreneurial MD Blog to add your thoughts.