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The Entrepreneurial MD Podcast

Oct 24, 2011

If you have multiple interests or passions and you are an entrepreneurial physician, how do you find a way to marry all of this into a single entity AND turn it into your professional occupation?

Just ask Herb Rogove DO.

As an "early adopter" of the intensivist, the hospitalist and the telemedicine models, and as someone who saw the potential to leverage his knowledge of these different areas, Dr Rogove has been able to create a mashup of his passions in his entrepreneurial physician start-up business, c3o Medical Group.

Having moved on to his third entrepreneurial venture, Dr. Rogove appears to have found a winner, not the least reason being that he has bootstrapped the business through careful analysis and business planning.

This innovative physician service group is redefining how highly specialized services can be delivered consistently and in a high quality manner to less well-served areas of the country.  

He is busy creating a model for medical delivery of the future!

Listen to my interview to find out how Dr. Rogove came up with his business idea and executed it, and then please come back to The Entrepreneurial MD Blog to add your comments.

And should you be interested in career opportunties with his forward-thinking company, he can be reached at!