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The Entrepreneurial MD Podcast

Jul 10, 2007

With whom do most physicians frequently hang out when it is time to relax? You'd probably be correct of you answered "other physicians".

At least this is the premise behind RelaxDoc, a new MySpace-type of social networking site exclusively for physicians.

At the helm of RelaxDoc is serial entrepreneur, former practicing medical oncologist and computer scientist Dr Myo Thant.

Not content with having created the wildly popular and well-regarded Life and Death I and II and Virtual Surgeon simulation games as well as one of the first animated EKG Primer applications in the 80's and 90's, Dr. Thant turned his attention to helping found Chesapeake Cancer Center.

However, he was unable to stay away from his beloved computer, and in May 2007, he announced that his new "baby" RelaxDoc had gone live.

Listen here to Dr. Thant share his story and his vision for RelaxDoc in The Entrepreneurial MD's podcast this week.