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The Entrepreneurial MD Podcast

Nov 10, 2009

I did it!! At last I connected with Dr Mike Woo-Ming (known affectionately to his audience as Dr. Mike) for a podcast interview. After trying for about a year. Don't you admire my persistence?

I'm chuffed (that is South African for happy/pleased) to have secured this conversation, as Mike has carved a name for himself...

Oct 12, 2009

Robert (Rob) M. Freund MD has big dreams. 

As a practicing plastic surgeon with a restless, curious mind, he has joined the elite crew of physician inventors with patents and products that actually sell.

Not only does he tinker and invent, but he has also found time to write two books (the second is soon to be...

Aug 26, 2009

In the heart of family physician and ER doc Ginger Campbell MD lurks a fascination for her fellow humankind. Not for just the healing of the body, but also for the inner workings of the mind.

For the nature of consciousness.

For how we think.

For what it is to be self-aware creatures.

After dabbling in Eastern...

Jul 23, 2009

Greg Bledsoe MD MPH is one heck of an accomplished person. Not only has he traveled and worked in a fascinating array of countries and exotic situations, but as an ER doc, he escaped academia to pursue his combined love of teaching and travel -- helping those of his physician colleagues who were seeking...

Jul 9, 2009

Richard Berning MD is not only a pediatric cardiologist and family man, but he also has several fingers in Internet pies.

In this week's Entrepreneurial MD Podcast, he reveals his genetically encoded love affair with entrepreneurship as he tackles the creation of not only his own website, but also...