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The Entrepreneurial MD Podcast

Aug 24, 2007

During his UCLA Masters in Public Health Program, Gregory (Greg) Dorn MD MPH was drawn to many different sectors of the healthcare industry. He also knew that it was up to him to figure out which one best matched his interests and skills.

He set out to do some informational interviewing and serious networking to land...

Aug 15, 2007

The photograph on the cover of this month's issue of California Academy of Family Physicians magazine reminded me of a wonderful interview I conducted a while back with Dr Leonard (Lenny) Fromer in my Conversations with Trailblazers series. The time is right to air it for this week's podcast!

I've known Lenny since my...

Aug 5, 2007

When you have to catch a physician for a few minutes on a Sunday morning for an interview, you suspect he's a busy guy.

When he's a full-time clinical practitioner, prominent thought leader and a serial entrepreneur, you're not surprised.

Dr. Garrison Bliss is one such man.

As one of the former founders of Seattle...