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The Entrepreneurial MD Podcast

Jul 26, 2010

Many physicians are bored with the routine of clinical practice and looking for new and interesting ideas. Likewise, medical practices are struggling to make ends meet and their physician owners are looking for boost medical practice revenues in ways that don't make them feel sleazy.

Does this sound painfully familiar?

Maybe you are put off by the idea of having to sell vitamins or skin creams to make a few extra bucks. Perhaps you are having a hard time coming up with viable ideas for new sources of income for your medical practice that don't involve major configurations of the practice.

Kevin Ketels of KMED Research may just have the answer you've been seeking.

In this 22-minute podcast interview, Kevin shares his insights into starting a clinical research medical practice:

  • what this is
  • who this helps
  • how this works
  • what is needed to get started
  • how your practice can get sponsors for the research
  • what resources are available to explore and participate in this potentially useful and interesting medical practice opportunity.

The information Kevin shares is both surprising and useful, born as it is of his personal experience and acquisition of kowledge needed to set up his internist mother's successful clinical research medical practice.

When you have finished listening to the podcast, come back to The Entrepreneurial MD to add your thoughts or questions, or check Kevin's website out at KMED Research.