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The Entrepreneurial MD Podcast

Jan 24, 2008

I am a big proponent of finding a well-defined niche to build your business around. Rosalie Hamilton of Expert Communications has been shrewd enough to accomplish that in spades, by providing business development education and coaching to physicians (that is a niche in and of itself) on the topic of how to succeed in a medical expert witness business. A niche within a niche!

I interviewed Rosalie today to learn more about the business of becoming an expert witness and how to generate a steady flow of clients requiring your services -- clients such as attorneys and insurance companies. This conversation is not about doctors being asked to review the odd case for an attorney -- we all know someone who has done that. Instead it focuses on physicians whose intent it is to build a business as a medical expert witness.

By the way, take note of how Rosalie exemplifies good marketing -- she has a niche and a distinct target market, and she promotes her services by writing articles for publications, making public presentations, and writing a book that positions her as the expert in her field, The Expert Witness Marketing Book: How to Promote Your Forensic Practice in a Professional and Cost-Effective Manner.

Get insights from this consummate professional consultant and author guest by listening to this week's Entrepreneurial MD Podcast.

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