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The Entrepreneurial MD Podcast

Jul 14, 2010

Phew, at long last - a Conversations with Trailblazers podcast! And it's a special one as it is a "3-years later" catch-up interview with Dr Ryan Flesher.

In September 2007, I spoke to Ryan about the documentary film he had recently started making.

Four dedicated, slogging, persevering years after coming up with the concept, his film "The Vanishing Oath" is finally ready for its audience.

In the 22-minute interview with Dr Ryan Flesher, we hear what kept him going, what his challenges have been and will be in future and how he pursued his creative entrepreneurial dream.

And for the record, here's a snippet from his bio:

Ryan S. Flesher, MD, is a Board Certified Emergency Medicine physician, screenwriter, director and producer who recently moved from Boston back to his birthplace in West Virginia. His most recent work, The Vanishing Oath, is a feature length documentary: a view of health care from the inside.

Listen to our conversation now and then come back to The Entrepreneurial MD Blog to watch brief clips from the movie and share your thoughts!