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The Entrepreneurial MD Podcast

Jun 3, 2008

Jeffrey Segal MD is a fierce watch dog, always on guard against medical injustice.

As the CEO and founder of Medical Justice, he holds his company responsible for helping preserve the reputations and sanity of his 1700+ physician subscribers, in a healthcare system gone crazy with often frivolous and meritless lawsuits.

Jeff is now a true serial entrepreneur, having started DarPharma, Inc, a biotechnology company in Chapel Hill, N.C., focused on the discovery and development of first-of-class pharmaceuticals for neuropsychiatric disorders.

Why Medical Justice?

As a practicing neurosurgeon, Dr. Segal recognized the pain that lawsuits caused for his colleagues, and then experienced first hand the anguish of being sued himself. His frustration at the lopsidedness of a justice system that made it easy for lawyers to file suits against physicians without much consequence spawned the birth of the ideas behind his company.

Listen to this week's podcast as the articulate and passionate Dr. Segal describes the path his company has taken to date, and how he sees the vision for the business evolving.

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