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The Entrepreneurial MD Podcast

Oct 31, 2007

I had the good sense and excellent fortune to hire this week's Entrepreneurial MD Podcast guest back when I was a medical director at Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center.

Dr. Marc Bard is the founder and CEO of The Bard Group, a distinguished healthcare consulting firm in Boston MA. The Bard Group "specializes in helping healthcare organizations achieve extraordinary results" (from their website).

And how true it was. Marc flew out from the East coast once a month to our hospital to provide an evening of physician leadership development. And you can sense how good he was when I tell you that we had a full house each month on a Monday evening for eight months. And the doctors were not coming for the food!

Marc is a trained internist who began post-residency life at Harvard Community Health Plan and fell in love with business, leadership and management. He transitioned into his consulting practice, and subsequent business, by accident.

What is intriguing about Marc's business is how slowly it evolved out of his clinical practice over a long time span. He had no vision or intention of being a consultant and business owner at the outset!

Listen to Marc's delightfully self-deprecating and humorous interview (it's about 27 minutes long) and pay attention to how he describes his growing awareness of what it means to be in business. His is truly an evolutionary and inspirational tale!

When you are done listening to the interview, I invite you to come back to The Entrepreneurial MD Blog to add your comments or questions.