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The Entrepreneurial MD Podcast

Aug 28, 2013

This is a first for me – the chance to interview an entrepreneurial physician married couple in which each of the partners brought different and complementary skills to the table to build a healthcare technology business together.

Drs. Manju and Gopal Chopra teamed up several years ago to bring to market a HIPAA-compliant secure communication platform (it's actually a smart phone or tablet app) called PingMD, that enables patients and families to rapidly communicate with their healthcare providers instead of being placed in an endless phone tag loop. In addition, healthcare providers can use the app to be in instant contact with one another via text messaging, for those invaluable curbside consults or referrals that result in enhanced patient care.

Dr. Manju Chopra is not only an entrepreneurial physician, but also continues to practice as a pediatrician focused on improving access and care for her patients and families. It was her frustrations inmedical practice that provided the germ of their business idea.

Her husband, Dr. Gopal Chopra, on the other hand, is a seasoned physician entrepreneur with an impressive history in investment banking, medical technology and business development. In addition, he owns several patents for inventions.

Listen to the story, along with the challenges, of how the Chopras ended up being in business together, while maintaining a marriage, a practice and their roles as parents.

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