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The Entrepreneurial MD Podcast

Nov 24, 2008

What do you get when you mix passion with expertise and curiosity?

You get Dr. Steven Ponder, a committed pediatric endocrinologist and diabetologist, who has become an equally enthusiastic entrepreneurial physician.

As a Type I diabetic since age 9, Dr. Ponder knows diabetes.

in addition to practicing medicine, Steve is also a business owner in and - two highly innovative companies involved in the delivery of direct healthcare.

In this week's 25-minute podcast interview, you will hear Dr. Ponder describe how he became an accidental entrepreneur, what he had to learn to build his business expertise and how he and his business partner have taken advantage of technology to deliver care to a far-flung population of diabetic children in Texas.

What the podcast doesn't do justice to are the additional "smart marketing" activities I discovered post-interview that Dr Ponder is engaged in:

As a contemporary "marketer" (this modest guy would hate to think of himself as such --  he would only think of himself as an educator) who is using all the recommended strategies for getting the word out,  it is no wonder he is "slightly famous" in his community.

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