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The Entrepreneurial MD Podcast

Oct 17, 2012

Dr James Bernstein is a man of many careers and talents.

Starting out as a newly minted internist and then surgeon, he was invited to work in Dr Jonas Salk's lab. With a bit more time on his hands (no night or weekend call!), he reflected on what he really wanted to accomplish with his life. His chief insight at the time was that, as a practicing physician he could impact several lives, one at a time. But, inspired by role models like Dr Salk, he quickly recognized that his desire to make a real difference to many more people could only be realized using leverage as a businessman. Finding ways to funnel his medical training and experience into businesses that made things and delivered services to hundreds if not thousands!

From there evolved his career as a serial entrepreneur - and his philosophy of social business that has increasingly sought to improve the quality of life for millions of impoverished people in the world.

Listen to his inspiring story and shared wisdom in our informal conversation. Please then rejoin us on The Entrepreneurial MD Blog to add your comments.

His email address if you would like to contact him is and you can join his Global Ambassador Corps here.