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The Entrepreneurial MD Podcast

May 3, 2011

Many older physicians are contemplating quitting medical practice and retiring, fed up with the hassles of huge overheads, employee squabbles and grumbling patients.

Not so Dr. Robert Novich.

An internist and nephrologist who has been practicing for over 35 years, Dr. Novich of Westchester County, N.Y. still approaches his work with the enthusiasm and pleasure that stems from tackling interesting challenges while serving his patient population in very satisfying ways.

Last week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Robert and his son, Jeffrey Novich, to learn more about his innovative micro-practice, and how the two of them teamed up to create one of the most "tech savvy solo primary care practice in America." Robert was recently featured in Forbes for his eye-opening commitment to utilizing technology to slash overhead to 15% and greatly enhance care and patient relationships.

Robert spotted the potential computers offered to streamline his practice operations many years ago. Building his first practice management system with simple tools, over the years he layered on more and more functionality. As his information technology became more sophisticated, his need for extra employees dropped. This expense reduction in turn more than offset his declining reimbursements!

Listen here to my interview with Dr. Robert Novich and Jeffrey Novich to hear how father and son not only built a platform for which to run Robert's medical office, but also created a platform that can serve a wider audience – the needs of other medical practices, especially if they are micro-practices.

Wanted: beta testers for Patient Communicator (their web-based service that facilitates doctor-patient communications)!!

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[image courtesy of Forbes Inc]