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The Entrepreneurial MD Podcast

Mar 9, 2009

Pediatrician Dr. Natalie Hodge has an ardent opinion that she is not afraid to share. And ears she wants to get to, including the likes of Bill and Melinda Gates.

As the founder of Personal Pediatrics, a house-call based retainer practice that she operates using her car, her laptop and her iPhone, she discovered her calling in the best of entrepreneurial ways.

She asked her customers what they wanted!

When harried moms expressed their interest in having a doctor who would come to the house, she sprang into action, and Personal Pediatrics was born.

Having proven the success of the model and finding herself besieged with questions by physicians and interested consumers from all over the country, she wisely looked at the larger business opportunity.

Now, not only does Natalie deliver care from bedroom to bedroom but her business also offers a consulting and licensing model, providing the turnkey tools for other frustrated pediatricians to experience what it's like to fall in love with clinical practice all over again!

Listen here to this stimulating and impassioned podcast with Natalie Hodge and then come back to The Entrepreneurial MD Blog to tell us what you think.