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The Entrepreneurial MD Podcast

Apr 25, 2011

As a formerly idealistic pediatrician whose eventual disappointment in clinical practice led to her leaving medicine altogether, Maggie Kozel MD has put into words what I felt about being a practicing physician and have been unable to express adequately!

Dr Kozel's newly released memoir, "The Color of Atmosphere - One Doctor's Journey Into and Out of Medicine" (reviewed here) provides a poignant look into the aspirations of a young woman who found the perfect escape from her dysfunctional household - Medicine.

After life as a doctor in the "universal healthcare system" of the Navy, she entered private practice in the civilian world that most of you and I know - only to discover how mismatched she was to the role that was being demanded of her by insurers and even her patients.

I won't repeat my review here, but instead, I invite you to listen to an interview with chemistry teacher Dr Kozel on Easter break from her school last week.

In our 25-minute conversation, we explore:

  • her thoughts about her "physician's identity"
  • what drove her to become a published author
  • how she learned to write
  • what she chose to do instead of clinical practice
  • what life after medicine has been like for her and her family
  • what is currently absorbing her attention

When you have finished listening to this interview podcast, come back to The Entrepreneurial MD  to add your thoughts or questions.