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The Entrepreneurial MD Podcast

Aug 29, 2008

I'm always surprised by just how many physicians express their longing for an outlet for, or even an escape from, the relentless pressure to see insanely big numbers of patients a day to keep incomes stable or meet organizational demands. And to hear how stuck they feel about next steps.

Every now and again I encounter a physician who has decided to follow his or her heart.

Lissa Rankin MD is one such person.

Lissa is an OB/Gyn who has sensed a calling as an artist for many years now, and who felt compelled to step away from the rat race and then a bad job situation, and instead permit herself a year off.

Listen to The Entrepreneurial MD Podcast this week, with Dr. Rankin's frank revelations about clinical practice, her journey into the creative life (including that of author and blogger) and her willingness to tolerate and enjoy  "the freefall" that such an adventure entails. Her many months away from practice have been a time of self-discovery and creative exploration, and she is still unsure as to what the next fork in the road will offer. All she knows is that  she is having a lot of fun!

And please come back to The Entrepreneurial MD Blog and share your comments about this insightful and revelatory interview!

PS: Enjoy some of Lissa's striking art at and read her funny and candid "yoni musings" at her blog.