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The Entrepreneurial MD Podcast

Nov 10, 2009

I did it!! At last I connected with Dr Mike Woo-Ming (known affectionately to his audience as Dr. Mike) for a podcast interview. After trying for about a year. Don't you admire my persistence?

I'm chuffed (that is South African for happy/pleased) to have secured this conversation, as Mike has carved a name for himself as a solidly successful citizen in the often over-hyped world of Internet marketing.

Amongst many other entrepreneurial activities, Mike offers teaching, training and educational presentations all over the world -- his forthcoming workshops in December and January are dedicated to helping physicians make their entry into information marketing via the internet.

Hear how he transformed his life from horribly overworked, ambitious but family-oriented practising physician to a work-from-home-on-his-schedule information marketer who not only sells his valuable knowledge of health, disease and our crazy healthcare system to the lay public, but also shares his acquired learning about how to build a hugely successful Internet-based business with entrepreneurs (including physicians!)

Listen to my interview with Dr. Mike Woo-Ming here (it's longer than usual - we had so much to talk about, and it clocks in at aboutt 40 minutes) and then feel free to add your comments and thoughts back at The Entrepreneurial MD Blog.