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The Entrepreneurial MD Podcast

Sep 14, 2007

What if your next successful business was right under your nose, as a result of solving a problem that has been bugging you? Would you recognize it?

Dr. David Stern is an astute business man who spotted the opportunity for his company, Practice Velocity, as soon as he began fielding inquiries and requests to learn more about the Urgent Care practice management software that he and his colleagues had created.

In this (almost!) weekly version of The Entrepreneurial MD Podcast, listen to my interview with Dr. Stern as he shares how he translated his training as a Certified Professional Coder (how many docs have the distinction of that title??) into a solution for his own urgent care centers. This was accomplished by automating their urgent care center coding through a computerized process. And how this solution mushroomed into a full-blown business providing a much needed practice management answer for urgent care centers nationally.

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