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The Entrepreneurial MD Podcast

Aug 18, 2008

Talking to Dr. Steven Knope is an exercise in fascination.

What is this French-horn-playing, Ironman triathletic, 3rd degree black belt-holding Kenpo martial artist up to now?

Stirring the pot of controversy it seems, with his newly released book Concierge Medicine; A New System to Get the Best Healthcare. As a two-time author and full-time practicing internist, Dr. Knope is ready to take on all that is wrong with the everyday practice of medicine.

In this podcast interview with Dr. Knope, you will hear how and why he got started in his concierge medicine practice in Tucson Arizona, along with his counterargument about the "ethics" of how medicine is practiced in the concierge model versus the HMO and third party insurance industry.

Above all, you will hear a physician who is passionately dedicated to improving the overall health of his patients through a relentless focus on customized exercise and nutrition plans along with health education provided without the constraints of "no time to practice properly".

When you are done listening to this intriguing interview, please come back to The Entrepreneurial MD Blog and share your comments and thoughts.

Philippa Kennealy MD MPH CPCC PCC
almost eleven years ago

Hi Jon

Thanks for the comment. I\'l forward your questions to Dr. Knope. And here is a great resource for you -- it\'s a listserv discussion board for physicians who are asking and answering exactly those questions:
They are very active, helpful and generous with their resources!

Best of luck


Jon E L Ermshar, MD
almost eleven years ago

Dr. Knope, If you \"Opt out\" of Medicare and do not use a Medicare number, can you still hold priveleges in a hospital? Is the concierge physician disenfranchised from the system in any way? What kind of care would I need to give up if I \"Opt Out?\" How do you help your patients see a specialist who is on an insurance plan? Can your fee apply toward deductibles that insurance plans charge patients?