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The Entrepreneurial MD Podcast

Sep 28, 2011

It was only a mere five plus years ago that, with the help of his physician wife, Dr. Scott Burger opened his first urgent care center, Doctors Express, in Baltimore Maryland.

As a trained and practicing emergency room physician, Dr Burger knew all too well the waste of time, money and other tight resources that went into providing urgent primary care to patients in the emergency room. And it really bothered him!

In a leap of faith, he opened urgent care center number 1 in 2006. But his vision was much bigger than that!

He pictured a chain of Doctors Express urgent care centers across the land, providing high quality physician-driven care in a predictable uniform way -- kind of like what we have come to expect from Starbucks. 

To accomplish his dream, he recognized he had to use the business model of franchising.

However, he knew his limitations. As a clinician, his confidence in his ability to set the ground rules for providing care knew no bounds. But when it came to the complexities of this business model, he needed help.

Fortunately, he had contacts in the right places and a partnership was born - with two businessmen who had the experience of starting, running, growing and franchising a business. There was one BIG problem however - his first partner was a very good college friend ... and we all know that business and friendship don't mix ... or was that really true?

Listen to this 26-minute podcast interview to hear how Dr Scott Burger took the seed of a dream and has grown it into a rapidly-expanding entrepreneurial physician success story.

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