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The Entrepreneurial MD Podcast

Feb 3, 2009

What silver lining is it possible to discover in the life-threatening illness of one's own infant?

Hard to imagine, but Dr Sharon Langshur and her husband Eric accomplished this amazing feat.

When their first child was born in 1998 with severe congenital heart disease and Dr. Langshur had to put most of her life on hold, this challenged couple received a great gift of support from Sharon's brother, then a web-savvy techie.

In order to manage the outpouring of support and the desire to keep people updated with progress reports, Sharon's brother built a web page. This page was used to post updates on their son Matthew's progress, as he and the family endured three surgeries.

The enterprising part came later when, in 2000, the Langshurs launched CarePages based on their positive experience with their first "care page".

Listen to this inspiring story from a physician whose identity evolved, through necessity, from pediatrician to caring mother and accomplished business woman in response to a big change in circumstances. And learn more about this invaluable contribution to the peace of mind and sanity of people undergoing medical experiences -- proof that it isn't only "doctoring" that MDs have to offer the world! In fact, doctors make great social entrepreneurs (the topic of this month's newsletter article).

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