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The Entrepreneurial MD Podcast

May 27, 2008

One enterprising and industrious physician believes it can.

Neurosurgeon Dr. Louis Cornacchia doesn't just want to save your brain or spine; he's wants to save medicine from itself. Frustrated by the diminished power of physicians in the current healthcare system and the increasing disconnect between physicians and patients, he has been on a 9-year journey to find sustainable and effective solutions.

After extensive research and consultation with physician colleagues, patients (consumers of healthcare), attorneys, technogeeks and business people, he and his partners have concluded that the only successful path to a healthcare revolution is via the connectivity and continuity provided by web-based technology platforms.

As a founder of Doctations, Dr. Cornacchia speaks about his journey to entrepreneurship that began with a series of annoying and unnecessary interactions in the hospital around providing patient care, and his vision for the company in this week's Entrepreneurial MD Podcast.

The somewhat challenging concepts are best captured in the company's Mission Statement:

Doctations, Inc. intends to further leverage the power of the Internet to improve the efficiency, accessibility and quality of healthcare delivery and doctor-patient interactions, with an initial focus on Internet-enabled digital medical records (iDMR) and automation of physician offices using outsourced services provided by a distributed, independent domestic workforce. A strong doctor-patient relationship is key to improving the delivery of excellent healthcare. The Doctations software suite allows doctors to use the Internet to establish Centers of Excellence and to help decrease the global cost of healthcare.

Doctors + Other Provider Organizations + Patients = Web Integrated Healthcare Communities

Practicing physicians can immediately begin using the platform for free, while patients and their families can set up their records at - want to try it out?

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