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The Entrepreneurial MD Podcast

Jul 25, 2007

Chris Ewin MD is a man with an opinion. Which is just what you'd hope for, coming from the President of an emerging Association of like-minded physicians.

And a sense of humor, when he describes his Association as: "....the only physician-led trade organization to represent physicians who realize that they have been working for the wrong employer for too long".

As president of the Society of Innovative Medical Practice Design (SIMPD), Chris has helped the association evolve from a loosely affiliated group of physicians and professionals, with a common interest in developing viable alternatives for medical practice models, to a much slicker physician-led organization "promoting a direct financial relationship with patients in order to restore the integrity of the patient-physician relationship".

Chris was quick to point out to me that his own private practice, 1:2:1MD, is a retainer model practice in which patients pay an annual fee based on age for unlimited access to his services - and represents just one of the several clinical practice models under the SIMPD umbrella.

Listen to this week's "The Entrepreneurial MD Podcast" interview with Chris Ewin as he shares his vision for the future of primary care, as well as those of his organization and his personal clinical practice.