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The Entrepreneurial MD Podcast

Feb 18, 2008

Howard Stark MD's guiding principles seem to be driven by two questions: "What if...?" and "Why not...?"

As a busy internist and gastroenterologist with a curious and observing mind, he questioned why it wasn't possible for his patients to use the Internet to schedule appointments and reserve time with him, when it was so easy to make an airplane reservation online. What difference was there, really?

So starts his story into his latest, almost accidental, entrepreneurial physician venture.

His original goals: make life in practice a whole lot easier AND make a mobile traveling life outside practice possible.

Listen to Dr Stark share how his inquisitive mind and able partnerships have spun a highly useful home-grown web-based interface for his practice into a full-blown business, at DoctorsOnTheWeb.

And I'd love to read your comments at The Entrepreneurial MD Blog, when you're done listening!