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The Entrepreneurial MD Podcast

Jun 27, 2007

Yay, another first! - I am excited to launch my first podcast, having figured out how to do it in about 40 minutes today. This techie stuff is pretty amazing, as the user interfaces have become so sophisticated that even a greenhorn like me can figure it out.

I wanted to open my "show" by sharing one of my favorite stories on a popular topic, if search engine requests are anything to go by! Concierge medicine. Only this is concierge medicine with a difference!

Dr Marty Schulman was an unhappy family physician in an academic group practice, when he paused to figure out what was wrong.

He realized he hated having to start every patient visit with an apology for being late. Or end the visit apologizing for not having enough time to discuss all the patient's concerns.

Sound familiar, anyone?

Several years later, he no longer needs to say sorry - at least not for running late or lacking time. As a solo practitioner in an innovative membership-based medical practice, he can give his patients all the time they need.

Listen to this 25-minute interview as Dr. Schulman shares the story of how he transformed himself from disgruntled doctor to enthusiastic clinician and entrepreneur.

You can download and read the transcript of this 25-minute interview here, if you prefer to read rather than listen.

And please share your thoughts about and reactions to podcasting in the comment section - I'd love to hear them!

Next week, I plan to have a podcast interview with Dr Chris Ewin, president of The Society for Innovative Medical Practice Design and owner of his own innovative practice, 1:2:1MD.