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The Entrepreneurial MD Podcast

Dec 19, 2011

Ask any doctor who has been taking care of patients for 25 years or more what it's like to be working in the trenches, and you're likely to encounter someone with a deep experience of the US healthcare system.

Dr. Angel Garcia is one such a physician - an internist who is not only still in practice but who is also...

Nov 22, 2011

"Accidental entrepreneurial physician" Melanie Bone MD was way too busy to have to contend with the illness that struck her as a young mother and practicing gynecologic surgeon. 

Barely 40, with a husband and four kids under the age of 6, Dr Bone was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer. As challenging as her journey...

Oct 24, 2011

If you have multiple interests or passions and you are an entrepreneurial physician, how do you find a way to marry all of this into a single entity AND turn it into your professional occupation?

Just ask Herb Rogove DO.

As an "early adopter" of the intensivist, the hospitalist and the telemedicine models, and as...

Oct 7, 2011

Daniel Palestrant MD is a man with a clear mission.

As the founder of Sermo, a 130,000+ physician-strong networking platform, this deeply thoughtful entrepreneurial physician businessman and leader intends to create the go-to on-line "conversation pit" to facilitate nationwide physician dialog and collaboration. 


Sep 28, 2011

It was only a mere five plus years ago that, with the help of his physician wife, Dr. Scott Burger opened his first urgent care center, Doctors Express, in Baltimore Maryland.

As a trained and practicing emergency room physician, Dr Burger knew all too well the waste of time, money and other tight resources that went...