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The Entrepreneurial MD Podcast

Dec 9, 2008

...or will a crossword puzzle a day keep the doctor away?

With the influx of so many into the ranks of "older" folks, the big question arises about how to keep so many boomer brains healthy? How can we prevent the tragic dissociation between intact bodies and demented brains that Alzheimer's and other dementing diseases...

Nov 24, 2008

What do you get when you mix passion with expertise and curiosity?

You get Dr. Steven Ponder, a committed pediatric endocrinologist and diabetologist, who has become an equally enthusiastic entrepreneurial physician.

As a Type I diabetic since age 9, Dr. Ponder knows diabetes.

in addition to practicing medicine, Steve...

Nov 3, 2008

Kenneth (Ken) Cohn MD MBA is no ordinary general surgeon.

This is a man who looked at a layoff as an opportunity to keep his wife happy (smart guy!) by remaining settled in New England, and instead, made lemonade out of the lemons he was handed.

Involuntary unemployment provided him with the chance and time to go back...

Aug 29, 2008

I'm always surprised by just how many physicians express their longing for an outlet for, or even an escape from, the relentless pressure to see insanely big numbers of patients a day to keep incomes stable or meet organizational demands. And to hear how stuck they feel about next steps.

Every now and again I encounter...

Aug 18, 2008

Talking to Dr. Steven Knope is an exercise in fascination.

What is this French-horn-playing, Ironman triathletic, 3rd degree black belt-holding Kenpo martial artist up to now?

Stirring the pot of controversy it seems, with his newly released book Concierge Medicine; A New System to Get the Best Healthcare. As a two-time...